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: Hands rise up, back to shoulders, up, and float down

 WARD OFF LEFT: Turn Right, left hand under the right, step out with left foot, shift weight, left hand up and right hand down

 WARD OFF WITH RIGHT HAND: Turn left, right hand under left, pivot, step to right with right foot, shift to right, right hand comes up in front of left hand

 ROLL BACK: turn right, sit back on left foot, left hand by right elbow, turn left, both hands circle down to left side

 PRESS: shift the weight right, left hand lightly presses right wrist

 PUSH: sit back, hands float back to shoulders, shift to right foot, hands float out

 SINGLE WHIP: sit back, arms stretch, turn left, right toe follows; sit back on right foot, brush right hip, bring right fingers together; extend right arm, step around with left foot, left hand comes up, turn left palm out and back foot turns with it

 RAISE THE HANDS: turn to right, open hands; slide right heel out and raise the hands left hand by right elbow

 SHOULDER STRIKE: pull hands and right foot back, step out with right foot, shift weight left hand over right

 WHITE CRANE SPREADS WINGS: turn to left, slide left toe out, right hand up, left down

 BRUSH LEFT KNEE: left hand up, right down; turn to right, circle right hand up, left hand down; step with left foot, shift, brush left knee

 PLAY PIPA: step back with right foot, open hands, touch left heel, play pipa (lute): right hand by left elbow

 REPEAT BRUSH LEFT KNEE: turn right, repeat brush left knee

 STEP UP, INTERCEPT, AND PUNCH: sit back, right fist comes down; deflect left, small step to right corner, shift weight and step with left foot and chop with left hand; shift to left foot, parry down and punch with right (pour a cup of tea).

 NEEDLE AT SEA BOTTOM: follow through punch, step back R ft, slide L toe back as you cover R wrist, bend to find needle

 OPEN HANDS LIKE FAN: rise up, hands on left side, step L, shift, open hands

 CHOP WITH BACK OF FIST: shift back, “windshield wipers”, pivot R toe out, chop with back of R fist

 PLANE CROSS HANDS: step with L ft, brush-off fist, open fist, shift to L, open fist, slide over back of L hand

 PUSH: turn arm to L, shift back, step to L side, step with R, push

 CROSS HANDS: shift back to L ft, turn to L while L arm opens, shift to R, step even with L ft, hands cross down with R under L hand, hands move up

  RETURN TO MOUNTAIN: right palm down, R ft steps to R corner, R hand brushes R leg, shift, L hand to ear, turn body, R palm turns over

SINGLE WHIP: as before, but to the corner

FIST UNDER ELBOW: step to L, step to R, turn L, slide L heel forward as R fist comes under L elbow

STEP BACK AND REPULSE MONKEY: step back with L, shift, L hand down, R hand in front of chest

SLANTING FLYING: L hand swings around to shoulder level, R hand brushes L hip. Step around with R to R corner. Shift, hands brush by each other, L down, R to corner

WAVE HANDS THROUGH CLOUDS: step even with L ft, face R, L hand under R, shift to L ft, L hand up, R down, turn around to face Left, R hand under L.

SINGLE WHIP: step with R ft, shift and turn to R, hands sweep down, R forms beak, L by hip. Extend beak, step with L ft, shift, L hand up, L palm turns out

SNAKE CREEPS DOWN: turn out R toe, sit back on R foot, L hand follows and goes down

GOLDEN  PHEASANT STANDS ON LEFT LEG: shift to L leg, R hand is down, but moves forward, L hand up: R knee and R hand come up, L hand goes down outside the R hand

GOLDEN PHEASANT STANDS ON RIGHT LEG: step back with R , raise L knee and hand, R hand goes down outside L

KICK WITH RIGHT FOOT: step to L, R hand comes across and swings up inside L, pull both hands down, L comes around over the R wrist, turns in, with weight on L ft open hands, extend R foot outward

KICK WITH LEFT FOOT: step down with R foot, shift and catch, pull down, advance L toe to corner, R hand circles over L wrist, turns in; open hands and extend out L foot

TURN AND KICK WITH  LEFT SOLE: pivot to the left by turning on the right heel; open hands and extend left sole

STEP DOWN AND PUNCH DOWN: step down with L foot, R hand makes fist by R ear, L hand palm down by chest, shift to L foot, brush L knee and punch down

STEP AND STRIKE EARS WITH FISTS:: sit back, pivot L on heel, palms turn and rise up. Shift to L foot, form fists, R knee up past knuckles; step with R foot, circle fists up towards ears

ROLL BACK, PRESS, PUSH, SINGLE WHIP     (performed as previously)

WEAVING AT SHUTTLES  I : sit on R foot, turn to R corner, shift to L foot, cover L wrist with beak on R hand, pivot on R heel to corner, hands open angled upward, step with L foot, shift, turn and palms turn out

WEAVING AT SHUTTLES II: sit back, R hand brushes under L elbow, and turn to R, L toe turns in, sit on L, step to R corner, palms up with R hand extended, shift to R foot, turn and palms turn out

WEAVING AT SHUTTLES III: sit back on L foot, brush R elbow, pivot R toe out, shift to R foot, step out to L corner, palms upwards, shift and palms turn over with L hand over forehead


: sit back on R, turn toe in, turn to R corner, step with R foot, shift and turn, palms turn out, R hand over forehead


 FORM THE SEVEN STARS: weight on L foot, slide R toe forward, form the Seven Stars with two fists..R under L

 STEP BACK TO  RIDE THE TIGER: step back with R foot, R hand brushes back, L hand brushes outside L side: weight on R foot turn to L wall, R palm in front of face, L palm by knee, L toe slides to center

 TURN AND LOTUS KICK: a little turn to L, R hand goes down to L waist, step around 270 degrees with L foot. Shift weight to L leg, face wall, sweep  R foot, step down with R foot

 BEND BOW TO SHOOT TIGER: weight still on L leg, turn to R, form fists behind back, shift to R foot, body unwinds, L fist even with shoulder, R fist by R temple

 PULL DOWN, STEP UP, CHOP, PUNCH(Left hand stays up) WITHDRAW AND PUSH: turn fist to L, L hand ducks under R elbow, sit back and L hand brushes outside of R arm, hands separate, shift and push

 CROSS HANDS AND CONCLUSION: shift back to R foot, turn to R, hands open at shoulder level, step even with L foot, weight in middle, hands cross, R hand under L hand; hands rise up to throat level, roll over, sink sown and fall to the sides. Stand up----‘voila!’