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About Tai Chi Chuan
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Tai Chi Chuan is practiced for its benefits as an exercise, a system of health and meditation, chi gung, and as a martial art.

As an exercise, TCC combines the actions of relaxation with motion and breathing techniques to develop unity in motion and the power of the breath. When integrated with  visualization, a deep state of meditation is achieved...the mind is focused, and the body feels energized.

Many studies have been published within the last ten years showing enhanced balance and stamina for practitioners. Other health benefits result from TCC, including oxygenation of the blood, and aid in circulation.(Click here to see the Health Benefits section ). 

Tai Chi Chuan is an excellent system of Chi Gung, and is increasingly used in recuperative programs at hospitals and social service oriented groups.

Practicing Tai Chi Chuan can benefit any activity, such as housework, yardwork, golf, tennis, or even other martial arts. It provides a way of focusing on relaxed, connected movement that opens up the body to the flow of inner breath, and gives you the time to think about what you're doing, and to enjoy the experience.

As a martial art in itself, Tai Chi Chuan offers an opportunity to practice in a relaxed fashion, maximize the connectiveness of motion with the application of  techniques and experience the flow of inner energy.
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