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About Sifu Jeff (Jeffrey Zauderer)
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Jeff teaching at the Rehab Study

Sifu Jeff began studying with Grand Master Wm. CC Chen in the '70's, and and then brought Master Chen's Yang Style to Tucson. He received a diploma from his school in the early '80's ; he has been teaching for more than 30 years and is one of  Grand Master Chen's senior students, and listed on Master Wm CC Chen's certified teachers and masters page. 

In addition to his school, Jeff teaches Tai Chi Chi Gung for seniors and, rehabilitation, at various locations, and for  various organizations including care providers, the U of A College of Nursing Stroke-Tai Chi Rehabilitation Study,  and fitness centers. He conducts workshops in Tai Chi meditation and application techniques for various interested groups including professional groups and physician's groups.

Jeff also keeps contact with friends who have schools in other martial arts locally and around the country, and works with them mutually, in broadening techniques, philosophy, and student exchange programs.

Over the years, many long-term students have received teaching certification through the Great Harmony School, and have their own classes around Arizona, and other places.
"My goal as a teacher
 is to have you experience the wonderful feeling
 of the Tai Chi Chuan movements,
 and to help you develop
 in your own personal best way" 
"In the thirty-some years that I have been teaching and practicing Tai Chi Chuan, I have seen many benefit from its regular practice over time.  Improvements in breathing volume and blood oxygen levels, balance, flexibility, and general increased health and stamina are some of the things that people tell me are the results of their time spent in the cultivation of the Tai Chi Chuan movements...these are the most rewarding things a teacher can hear, and have kept me endeavoring to teach this art."
  Sifu Jeff Zauderer

Max Chen, Master Wm CC Chen, and Jeffrey Zauderer

"As a tonic, Tai Chi Chuan can make us physically and mentally sound.  Its slow and gentle movements act to lubricate every part of the body and relax the mind.  This ancient system renders our thinking lucid, turns our temper gentle and brings us peace of mind that helps us to function well in our hectic world.  It enables a person  to attain what the ancient Chinese sages called  'the Golden Mean', in which human desires and frustrations are harnessed and transformed to benefit the individual. "
                           Grand Master William C.C. Chen